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ombre highlights

Hair Extensions: A wholesome Substitute for Hair Dye

Ladies have been dying their hair for years and years, cultures worldwide. In earlier days, natural products were utilised to improve the color of the woman’s hair. Today things show to be much different. Both men and woman are able to completely change their appearance for a price - hair color, the color of eyes, breast size, weight - your options are endless. However, every one of these chemicals and surgery have caused many to question the effects on our overall health, particularly with hair dye.

Hair dye and bleach contain extremely harmful chemicals when used improperly are a large hazard to health. Researchers have started to look more closely and also the effectsof both hair dye and hair bleach when used according to instructions are scary!

If hair dye remains on sufficient it will soak into the hair, altering its appearance (often permanently). When you bleach the head of hair, it strips the pigment out of the hair, again permanently. Our hair absorbs these chemicals just like a sponge, the same chemicals which can be sitting on our scalp. Does our skin absorb the head of hair dye? Are we ingesting these chemicals through the outer skin? As researchers keep looking into specifics, companies have moved on in offering a safer, eco-friendly and chemical free alternative.

Style Strands released a line of hair extension highlights that you are able to utilize yourself having a simple loop n’ locking system. These hair extensions are manufactured from 100% human remy hair, which means they are created from the best possible, top quality human hair available. By using real human hair extensions, rather than synthetic versions, you can curl, hair straightener and wash nice hair extension highlights, much like your natural hair.

The design Strands highlights are available in a lot of avenues of colors including natural colors and classy pastel shades. With hair dye, you need to worry about fading color, roots, damage and expensive maintenance appointments. Style Strands hair extension highlights will remain inside the hair for months at the same time, and won't fade colored. As soon as you apply your thing Strands hair extension highlights, you can leave them in and elegance as always.

This alternative leaves women breathing a sigh of relief; they could still achieve gorgeous hair, like the latest ombre look, without having to dye or bleach their hair. Until companies created an all-natural, safer hair dye women continues to look for healthy, fashionable alternatives like Style Strands hair extension highlights.

ombre highlights